ECU Replacment


Would any one be able to help me out, I have a 2000 900SSie and I am in the need of a replacement ECU, as I have been informed that my one is now U.S

The old one has the following marking on one side
Super Sport 900 CEE Ducati 001.

On the other side there is
IAW15M.AO 61600.373.00 12v 104 98 50164700000.

If any one just happens to have one could you please contact me ASAP with details and cost, as with out the bike I am taking 2 ½ hrs to get to work via Public Transport, and only 35min’s on the Bike.
Thanking you for any help that you can offer.

Fred Ellis

The company that made the electronic box for my old Bevel also makes replacement ECU’s for all sorts of bikes. Send them an email!

Thank you Keef for this info, there seems so many out there that now do this, you would think that the cost of one from Ducati would be in the same cost range.

Hi Keef,
So what box did they make for you?

Steve R

They make a replacement box for the Bosch units. Improved spark and takes less load also has a smoother advance curve with loads more steps. It starts and ticks over better, its plug and play too, although their is a facility to plug the box into a lap top and alter the advance curve if you like. I like it!

£120 well spent!

Cheers for that Keef,
My reason for asking was I’ve been helping a mate rebuild a roundcase 750S and what do you know?
The RITA died a death, (it was only 30+ years old :unamused: ) as luck would have it Swampy found a guy who rebuilds ECU’s in Ivybridge, once the guy had got his head around “Old School” electronics he managed to repair it for very little cash…
It had burnt out a transistor, easily sorted with a soldering iron.
Handy to know that there’s someone local who can get his head around this sort of stuff.

The next step/fuck up was he was having trouble starting it,
I’d overhauled and shimmed the heads and gave them back to him ready to drop on the motor.
Unfortunately he’d twiddled with the bevel drives and managed to drop the front head on with the cam timing 180 degrees out on the front pot.
I eased the motor over slowly feeling the comp’ on the pots and said…
“That ain’t right mate, did you line up all of the dots?”
His reply was “What dots?”
He’s got a manual that he’d down loaded from the net, but it didn’t mention lining up the dots on the cylinder heads, it only said about ligning up the dots on the lower bevels.

I left him pulling the front pot to realign the dots on the front pot after checking it out for him.
I’m sure it’ll fire up 1st prod tomorrow, but I’ll drop in on the way home from work just to make sure.

Steve R