EICMA 2013

Hello all, the Milan show or EICMA will soon be with us, new Ducati launches will also be thee, I had hoped to be there this year but sadly funds just do not allow.

As an official club we are able to buy discounted tickets, I believe so anyway, I do not know how much they should be.
You have to be a paid up club member and also be registered to Ducati.com, they are 14 euro each, payment to the club then we have to make one payment to Ducati.

The ticket deadline by the way is October 23rd

Have you put it on the events section Mart?

Tickets are 18 Euro each if you book on line direct from EICMA. The show is the best one that I’ve ever been to (I’ve attended 5 shows there over the years), well worth the money, and can be done in one day if you fly from Gatwick to Milan - and have a plan of which halls you want to visit! :wink:

Not a huge saving then, no, not put it in events Kev, thought it would be ok here, will put it in there also later

Used to be free entry for women on the Friday evening!

Worth going in disguise, dude looks like a lady !!

I won’t add any further comments to that!!