EMAIL DOWN ( again & again)

The Email has been down for 4 days now :angry:
Totally Unacceptable :exclamation:
A best we seem to lose about a day per week.

We need reliable hosting!

This can be had for about a fiver a month now for unlimited sites and bandwidth & the email, databases, ecommerce etc etc…

Can you sort this out please Spaggy.

And yes if you’re out there Keith, fell free to have a rant at me…

We are falling well behind our competitors now in the internet stakes and need to raise our game significantly :exclamation:

And with the membership being down we have had upset people who have not had a reply, I have just sent over 20 e-mails, again with the membership being down after being up to date gives e hours and hours of work, oh the joy of being in the club !!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

It’s all working ok now, and with a new server we are promised much more reliable service. :slight_smile:
The lengthy outages have been caused by the old server crashing a couple of times a day, and taking several hours to re-boot, when it should have been minutes. Because of this, transferring existing email data from the old to the new servers was repeatedly stopped and re-started. Eventually the server stayed alive long enough to do the job, which meant we kept all the old data and settings, and did not have to set up a complete new set of email accounts, along with consequent changes to the website, a job which would probably have taken me a whole weekend.