Email help!

Can any of the mods tell me how to access my Kent Branch emails? I still can’t suss it out and don’t want to miss any!


Try e mailing webmaster, help should come, should be sorted out

I’ve messaged Spaggy a couple of times, but I guess he’s busy hence this thread?

Don’t worry Nick, you are not alone, there could be loads of potential new members on my patch who think we are an ignorant bunch, because I have never been able to make the northlincsdocgb branch address work on my computer. :unamused:

If they are really interested they will get their Ducatis out and ride them. It has always been the best way to meet up with people with similar interests. This computer thing is just a passing fad, it will never catch on. :laughing:

Hello Nick, are you trying to access them on the web or download them to your PC via Outlook or Outlook Express?

I have the email address and no more. I have no idea where to even look for them. I don’t use outlook express, just hotmail. Any ideas?

Hello again Nick, your branch e-mail account is accessible on the web here,, this is where they are hosted, just click on webmail at the top right on the home page
You will need the username which will be your address, which is
and the password Spaggy should have given you?
Let me know if your still stuck and I’ll try to get hold of Spaggy for you.
Westmids branch

Thanks Kevin, that all seems very simple, only problem is I never got the details or password. If you talk to Spaggy could you mention it? Cheers,

Sorry for butting in on your thread Nick, but I must thank Kevin for providing such a simple solution to the similar problem I had.


Has it all been sorted now?

Simple answer…No!

oh dear … :astonished:

Not all doom and gloom, thanks to Kevins advice I have found the Tech Lit emails. The auto forwarding of them to my BT mail has worked and I have not missed any so thanks to Spaggy for setting that up.

For anyone needing help with email or anything else to do with the website or forum, please DO NOT USE THE PM SERVICE to contact me.
I only get an email reminder anyway, so still have to log in to read it.
If anyone needs any help from the Webmaster please just EMAIL ME DIRECT on as these get read almost every day and are a much more effective way of getting a reply.

Hi Spaggy, I’ve sent a reply to your email, I still can’t access emails to the Kent Branch?

Now sorted! :laughing: