Engine casing colour match


just starting to a little tidy up on this 748 .
Has any one got the colour name or code for the engine casings . The Green / Gray colour. I’m finding it difficult to even match it slightly.
Any help or advice appreciated.
Regards Brian

I read a full colour match somewhere, well the official one, whether it is correct though as if you see three bikes they are all slightly different

All of the Ducs came out in slightly different shades I know , I’l keep looking. The bike has a bit of sentimental value , the fella who owned it passed away with cancer in his fortys and by coincidence, I was asked to buy it and look after it by his sister. It had laid in a damp shed for a number of years so just gonna try and spend a little bit of time on it and get it back to resonable condition and send her some pics with me out on it