Engine management light - it's on, it's off - Loose connection?

Hey there peeps,

My 1098 Streetfighter’s engine management light comes on and goes out again from time to time, even during a ride. I kind of think it’s a loose connection somewhere.

During the summer, the battery was all good as I was riding it all the time (I put 4k on it). Now, I need to jump it off the car to get her going…when she’s connected to the jump leads the light is off…pull away when she’s warm and it’s off…some way down the road it’s on again, then off again.

It runs really well, is within service and is, like all of our bikes, well looked after. it’s on 17k miles on a 2009.

Anything obvious I could check that would make the light come on and off like that ?

Thanks in advance

My 998 was overcharging by 0.1v enough to bring the EML on and off again depending on revs and load.
Sounds like you are having some electrical issues anyway so probably best to get it plugged into some diagnostics to tell you exactly whats going on otherwise you could be second guessing for a long while. I needed a Reg/rec and crank position sensor to sort out the issues.