Engine Paint

I have a 2002 model 750ss.
The bike is generally in pretty good nick except for the engine casings - about half of the paint is ok, but the rest is either flaking off or is starting to bubble up. (if you want pics I can post some)
Is this normal ??? Is the only cure to remove the engine, strip it & have the cases repainted ??? Apart from cosmetics, is it really worth the hastle to get it done ??

Would appreciate your opinions,


the engine paint is very thin and seems to come off whenever the wind changes,at least mine did. ive just done mine and it was an engine out job, i actually bought another engine that was in very clean condition and just touched the odd bit up. then the old engine can be cleaned and repainted ready to go in whenever needed. having said it was an engine out job, the bike was stripped totaly for powdercoating and a sort of resto thing. :nerd:

Oh bugger - that’ll be a job for next winter then.
For the time being I guess I’ll have to get a few more cans of ACF50 then.
Thanks for cheering me up Richy :wink:

On second thoughts, maybe I’ll see if I can get the paint (presumably specialist engine/heat-proof) in Italian Red, or whatever they call it…