Enquiring about 916 1997 wheel finish

Evening All,

Had a search on the Forum and didnt find an answer.

I have a pair of 1997 916 Alloy wheels, Brembo three spoke alloys with the Ducati Racing cast in the rear.

I’m no expert on the 916 model just as yet - I think they should be either matt or satin gold - to match the frame?

Is anyone able to confirm for me the colour and the finish?

Steve Turner as TCPS uses gloss clear to finish his wheels - stunning job and the last pair I had done went onto a bike which was award winning but he’s looking for some guidance on colour and finish for these 916 wheels.

Any help to point me in the right direction gratefully received.



My 748 had Matt wheels that matched the frame,I have seen gloss ones also that look great, not sure of paint code though, sorry

Thanks Martyn,

I am told that the 916 from 1997 should also have matt wheels to match the frame (as oppose to satin, or gloss).

I’m looking to get hold of a RAL or BS number, and confirmation of finish to allow me to contemplate having them restored to match the bike.

Fingers crossed someone on the Forum has been down this road before and can help with the info.