Erratic Speedo 2004 Monster

Hi All, this is my first post and, for once, I’m posting something that I hope will be useful, rather than asking for help. Trust me though, this won’t last. I’m bound to be asking questions soon enough!
Anyway, I recently bought an '04 plate Monster S4 which I love. I’ve had a good number of Ducatis in the past, but not for the last few years. Shortly after I bought it, the speedo started to develop a mind of its own - the needle sweeping round the dial to a random position on startup and then not actually doing anything while riding. When I shut the bike down, the needle would wait a few moments and then park itself somewhere else random. Now, I don’t usually take my bike anywhere for repair until I’ve identified the problem, so I went through the following:

  1. Speed sensor: Only 3 wires - pos, neg and sensor output. Since the odometer is still working, I discounted this.
  2. Aftermarket alarm: The bike had the nasty remnants of some alarm system still fitted and we have now removed it completely and repaired the wiring harness where it had been spliced in.
  3. Speedo assembly: I took this apart and left it to dry out overnight, just in case washing the bike had caused the problem.
    None of these things worked, so I had to fit a phone mount so that I had a speedo for yesterday’s Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in London.
    This evening, however, I just wondered whether the speedo was being influenced by some minor voltage anomaly. So I fitted a CTEK charger cable, connected the charger and, hey presto, the speedo has now started functioning perfectly. This after 6 weeks of faffing around. So, before you go and buy expensive new parts, do check that the battery voltage is correct.
    Now I need to check the regulator is doing its job properly.
    Hope this is of some help for someone, as I know I’ve been searching the forums for weeks with no results that I could find.
    Incidentally, this speedo unit is fitted to pretty well all of the sport, monster and classic models of the 2002 period.

You also have to be careful if you replace the bolts where the sensor picks up from. Wrong type of metal and it won’t work properly if at all.