Esmerelda's ST4

Well it has been a struggle to get this old bike sorted, think I am just about there now. So far I have replaced belts, filters, oil, coolant and, plugs. Front discs, brake and clutch levers and fluids, rebuilt the rear shock, powder coated the wheels rebuilt with new wheel and carrier bearings, new tyres, replaced the rear cylinder base and head gasket and drained the ECU, not forgetting the new battery, replaced the screen and painted and replaced front mudguard and fairing lower panels and powder coated the pannier rails. The bike was from Bournemouth and the salty air had eaten the plaiting of just about every fastener I am working my way round with stainless replacements. It’s not the fastest thing in a straight line but it’s well mannered in the twisty sutff and that’s where it’s at for me :wink:


[size=150]Sounds like you’ve been busy. Looking good. Enjoy it. [/size]

Looks great Esmerelda, looks like you’ve done a good job.
I;m fairly new to Ducati’s myself, but have found that top speed is not an issue as its so much fun at lower speeds. also they sound fantastic.
Happy riding…Tosh…