Exhaust downpipe refinishers?

Does anyone know of a good palace to have exhaust pipes stripped off and either anodised or finished in some sort of black?

Hi Kevin,

Are you talking about alloy cans?
When I cored and rebuilt my OEM 851 cans I toyed with the idea of anodising them black, but was warned that as the alloy had been through many heat cycles the finish would probably be patchy/different shades of black and that it would fade to grey after use.
So I had them clear anodised at a platers in Plymouth for £30.

Hello Steve, how you doing?
No, it’s steel downpipes that need doing.
Who are the people in Plymouth you used?

Doing OK Kevin despite being made redundent last Friday, spending my new free time working on my bikes.
I’ve got a spare ‘91 851 that I’ll spruce up, return to near standard, service and then sell.
Plus a couple of clutch inner cases to modify to Corse spec’, a pair of 916SPS heads to freshen up and shim for other owners to raise a bit of cash.

These are the people I use for my anodising:-

cylex-uk.co.uk/company/smb-p … 39988.html

Steve R

Hi Steve

Sorry to hear about the redundancy - hope you find another job soon.

I have been thinking of buying an 851 for a while so if you would be interested in starting negotiations at any time send me a PM.



Hello Steve.
Thanks for the info, I’ll pass it on.
Really sorry to hear about work, loads of time, but no money to enjoy it with eh. :cry: