Exhaust system

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I am looking at buying a 3 year old Multistrade (1100s) in cracking condition, BUT it has a Zard exhaust system on it with stamped on it “for race use " The 1st MOT is due this year and that clearly states, “for race use” or " not for road use” stamped on a system is illigel so a fail. I have been “told” you can get them though but with a tick against that exhaust stating “advisory” or something like that.

So if this is the case how do people deal with insurance, surely this will make it nul-invold. There are alot of these systems on the road so what is the club view on it?


Mark H :nerd:

When you took out your insurance did you declare an after-market exhaust? If so they would have taken it into account in the quote and listed it on the policy, in which case you it shouldn’t be a problem. If in doubt phone the insurance company, better to pay a few quid extra now then have a problem later!

I have heard you can put black tape over it, as long as in the MOT testers opinion it is not too loud it is ok, not allowed to touch the tape. I have heard anyway …

Put a sticker over it and them it is down to the testers discretion on ‘is the exhaust noisy’

Sorry Lads

On further investigation from the good lads at MAG this is what I have found out. It your exhaust has “not for road use” or “for race use only” it is an MOT failure. You exhaust must have on it UK and European standards with for “road use” . If you cover or remover any of the 1st two marking you are guilty of fraud in the eyes of the insurance companies as it is a MOT failure.
So the up- shot is that your insurance will be none valid with none legal pipes. If you are involved in any accident you could end up with a BIG problem.