Extended Warranty

Coming from a garage background i thought I’d ask my dealer about an extended warranty which he says is available. Is it worthwhile paying out for it :question:

In my experience Ducati are pretty good when it come to warranty, I’ve had stuff replaced outside of the time, and I know a few other have, I didn’t buy the extended warranty on my Multi as I didn’t have the cash to spare, and luckily I didn’t need it, but there’s a lot of expensive bit to go wrong on them these days!

The ever red warranty is expensive but the same as manufacturers, it covers just about everything

I’d say it’s worth it …

Does anyone have any idea what it costs or am i best to go via my dealer.


John Roberts

Best to ask your dealer, but it was about £250-300? for my 2010 Multi in 2012.

Thanks folks. I’ve emailed my dealer but the chap is away and enroute back from Norway at the mo, so no doubt he’ll catch up with me at some stage on his return.