Faulty DUCATI MONSTER 1100evo

Hello everyone I thought I would share the problem I am having with my Monster 1100evo.

It has been off the road for 4 months at the end of 2012, having extensive engine work. Since this work was completed the bike has done a further 700 miles and has been taken to Hyside in Essex, where further problems have been identified and I have been advised that the engine needs a further strip down. It has now been with them for over a month so I have not been able to enjoy the bike for two summers.

This has now been an ongoing problem when a noise from the engine originally developed in March/April 2012. I initially took the bike to In-Moto, as this was a convenient location and also a dealer that was recommended to me, they assessed the bike and told me I had to book it in for a proper inspection. I was called the day before to cancel this as they did not have the correct diagnostics for an EXC as they thought my bike was a KTM and not a Ducati, the shambles had begun! Metropolis in Vauxhall identified there was a problem with the bike and booked me into the workshop for investigation in April or May 2012. They confirmed there was an engine issue and booked the bike in for a strip down on July 16th.

My bike had done about 4440 miles when taken to Metropolis in April/May and this issue is not something that i would expect with a quality product that people associate with the Ducati brand. During the extended period whilst my bike was at Metropolis my bike was in various states of disassembly, but for a large majority of the time was left out side in the winter months corroding a lot of parts and it also sustaining damage, some of which have been replaced by Ducati and some by Metropolis, but in the process I believe devaluing the bike and certainly making it far less desirable in terms of resale in the future, but more importantly eroding my interest and enthusiasm for the bike and the Ducati brand. (photos can be supplied of the damage, but this really is a secondary issue) My concern in the first place was that the bike would potentially be a bike plagued with issues after having many new parts replaced in conjunction with the old parts that remained that for example had developed a wear pattern etc. My suspicions have unfortunately come true and my bike has yet again been identified as having further issues by the mechanic at Hyside in Essex and is due to have exploratory work undertaken Tuesday 18th June for a second engine (well more likely to be 4th or 5th) rebuild in less than 1000miles!!!

During all this time I have tired to get in contact with Ducati and they have either not contacted me at all or not contacted when they said they would.

At this point the dealer has all but given up and has said they feel the bike is just a wrongun and Ducati have implied they will take the bike back in exchange for a new one…………well with me paying £2,500 for the privilege.
I feel that after owning the bike and having a problem for such a long time it totally unfair to expect me to pay to replace their faulty bike. I should have just been given a new engine, but have been told this is something Ducati never does. But I have now in effect been waiting for 15 months to get this sorted.

What do you guys think? Can you give me any advise or assistance?

Really sorry to hear of your problems, Ashley, and it does seem unfair.
Who have you contacted at Ducati? I’d get in touch with D UK again, and also have a word with your local CAB / trading standards to find out what you could expect re customer service etc.

I have been in contact with a customer services manager for the south and have sent countless emails to customer services. I have been told several times someone will be in contact but it is always me that prompts a response. I really don’t think they are that bothered. it is a shame as it has really dampened my desire to be a Ducati owner. I have tired to contact them today but have not heard back as of yet. will give them a chance to get in contact tomorrow and if not will get trading standards involved

Oh, that’s not good customer service at all …Have you kept a record of all your emails, letters and phone calls?

have finally got things sorted and been offered a year old replacement with 1100 miles as a straight swap. hopefully it will draw a line in the sand but it should not have taken this long to sort out

good to hear that you have finally got things sorted, but - as you say - it shouldn’t have taken that long

How is this for irony? I picked up my replacement bike Monday 20th August rode to back to the office from the dealer, then left work to go home…I did not make it home as some kind man decided all of a sudden to do an illegal u turn. I went straight in the side of him at 50. My bike is a write off being broken in two. I have a shattered right broken in 8 places arm, 8 broken ribs, a broken left collar bone a couple of broken fingers. Had to have two operations plating and screwing my arm and collar bone…plus I am still in hospital almost 2 weeks later. I got to enjoy my bike for half a day and 40 odd miles. Nt the outcome I was hoping for…although those 40 miles were sweet.

oh no, that’s awful! I’m sure that everyone on here wishes you a speedy recovery. Are you now out of hospital?

no unfortunely not still here. hopefully out tomorrow or tuesday

[size=150]Sorry to hear that. Hope you get well soon.[/size]

Jeez what a story, are you still riding a Ducati or not?