Fiberglass Repair


Hoping somebody can help - looking for recommendations for somebody who could repair the seat hump on my 250 Desmo - needs a fiberglass repair where the seat is secured to the frame. See picture attached


Almost anyone with GRP skills/knowledge would be able to carry out that repair.
If you can’t find anyone local to you?
You could send it down to me, it’s a less than 2 hour job inc’ the prep’ etc.
I’m in SE Cornwall.
Shortly I’ve some laminating work to carry out on my own little '74 250 Desmo’s bodywork, although I’ll be using Carbon Fibre for my mod’s and to make a new front mudguard. I’ve already got a mould that I made years ago.
I’m doing my best to lighten the little old girl as much as possible, within the restraints of my (pensioners) wallet.

Steve R

If push comes to shove here, I’ve all the bodywork inc’ the tank for sale from my little '74 250 Desmo.

Steve R


Thanks for the message - can’t find anybody local - still looking though so maybe will take you up on your offer. But of interest how much would you be asking for the seat hump from your 74 Ducati?



Hello Steve

Back in March you indicate that you had bodywork from a 1974 Desmo available inc tank and seat. Just wondered if still available

Hi Martin,
I’ve sent you a private message chap.

Steve R