Finally sussed out how to do it!

what a nice bunch of bikes. that 650 is a b1 isnt it. i had a 1978 one and (really really) regret selling it now :frowning: .

Hi Richy

Yeah, Ive just checked the log book and mine is a '78 B1 also. I took it for a quick spin a month or so back and the contrast between it and my Duke is amazing, but still a great ride. It just highlights how bikes have advacnced over the years.

Cheers Buzz.

i had my b1 for about 7 years and spent a fortune on it. akront rims and stainless spokes, paint jobs, chroming, engine rebuild and moocho polishing etc etc. they are great bikes, they just dont have great brakes :astonished: . but then what 70s jap bike did?
i think i may have the two grab handles that go from the rear shocks to the rear of the bike somewhere in the garage. i see your bike has none. if ive still got them you can have them.