First belt change


Ducati 749s owner for two years and about to change my belts end of feb/march.
I have check various sites and forums, obtained the California cycle works dvd,
But was wondering if any owners had advice on the operation and best place to
obtain belts ?
Thanks for your time.

Steve. :question:

It’s not a difficult job, just take your time, check the belt rollers and replace them if in any doubt, and get the correct tension. As for belts, I’d always use genuine.


Thanks for the reply, the CCW dvd is very good and make the job look straight forward.
I have also obtained a book from Desmo times in America and checked Ducati johns web
site and have had a chat with my local bike shops, Speedwell and Italsport. I will be using
genuine Ducati belts and was really just asking if there was any differance price wise
before phoning around; Ducati Manchester, Italsport, Ducati Leeds, Ducati John and others.
To tension the belts I will be using an iphone app called clear tune (guitar tuner).


I would think most will be or should be the same, are you checking shims at same time ??

Hi Martyn748.

I must admit I had thought about the schims but have not decided yet ! My bike has only done just short of 800 miles ( I know part time, fair weather rider! ) since its last service belts scims etc, approx 2 years ago. Belts are rubber/kevlar, I think and rubber does age/crack, so a belt change is happening, but would schims need attention after less than 800 mils I am not sure ?
Any advice on the shims check would be welcome.


Hi Steve.

I’ve done my belts. It’s quite easy. I have a copy of the Ducati 749 workshop manual that describes the whole process.
The 749 / 999 belts are tensioned to produce a 110Hz frequency when correctly tensioned. You can measure this with guitar tuning software or better still get registered on the Ducati diag site. There’s some software you can download on this site (link #2) that can interface with the ecu if you buy the cables from eBay. There’s also a piece of software included that can help you tension the belts. All you need is a microphone and a laptop.

Best place for belts…Ducati. Gates make them for Ducati. The 749 / 999 has no aftermarket belt, apart from the CA Cyleworks Exact Fit belts. After shipping you’ll be better off paying the £140 for genuine.

Can’t remember where I got the manual from. If I find a link I’ll post it.

Link to site -

Link to download -

Hope that’s of some help.



Just remembered where I got the manual from. Ducatisti forum which is offline now.

Hi The other one,

Thanks for the reply and links, the Ducati diag site should be helpful.
I will be obtaining Ducati belts from Italsport and be fitting myself,
the only other question , do I strip down further after less than 8oo
miles and check scims ?



I personally wouldn’t worry about the shims if you’ve only done 800 miles since they were done last.
They won’t have worn much, if at all, over such a short duration. The belts are under tension and take on a distorted shape if the bike isn’t run regularly (so I was told).
My bike had only covered 500 miles since it’s belts were done and still bore the ID markings on the back side of them. I rode her home from Preston to Kent and put more miles on her in that journey than she’d done in the previous year.

Have you seen the belt fitting guide on CA Cycleworks’ website? It’s worth a look.

What year’s your bike?

If you want a copy of the Ducati workshop manual, PM me your email address. It’s the 2006 version but the vast majority of content applies to all 749 models.

Thanks The other side,

I have had a quick look at the Ducati diag site and remember it from the Ducatisti/up north sites.
I am lucky to have the Tecnoresearch vdst sofware and have already got the Ducati manual. I have
purchased the California cycle works dvd which has given me the courage to do my belts.
I will be obtaining genuine Ducati belts from Italsports and fairly competent/confident after my
research and everybody help/advice.


The shims should be fine at that mileage, from memory they put them in differently to save them being done as often

Hi martyn748,

Thanks for your reply, I have phoned the people who did the last service again ! and they confirm the schim check and the replacement etc.
Belts seem to be in the £140 region and my local bike mechanic (2004, 749s owner) says the belt are quite easy and if
I have a problem he will come round as a favour for a friend/customer . confidence is very high tally ho!
once again thanks for everyone input and help.


Hi my name is Dave and I have a 2005 999 that’s done 8000mls and this is my first time on the forum.I am unsure when my bike was last fitted with belts and have been searching on line for new replacements,I have come across dayco belts,whose G.B. suppliers claim supply the factory,as the dayco belts are nearly half the price of "genuine"I am tempted to buy them,doe’s anybody know how these belts check out. Thanks.

Dayco belts are fine, just about to replace mine.
Done 5k in 2 yrs no problems. Get mine from Stein Dinse in Germany, who supplies in UK?

Thanks for the info on your experience on the reliability of dayco belts,I found them on ebay.aughacashel,Rochdale U.K £37.95each.£2.50 p&p.