First contact with DOC

Hello to the community, I have been enjoying my MS1200 touring since April 2010, prior to 30years of Honda, 3 years of Yamaha. The MS is really a machine of mass distraction and now with 23k miles on the clock (+10k miles on my TDM over the same period as I lived in France intermittently and had a bike on both sides of the water). I mainly use the MS for the big continental trips having just come back from a 2 week tour of Spain 2 up with panniers. My bike is looked after by Mark at Manchester Ducati, they have really gone the extra mile to fix all of the first model failings. I have just taken early retirement in September and plan to spend more time in the saddle.

welcome to the DOC GB! Good choice of bike, ideal for your use. You’ll find plenty of useful info on here from other MS owners.

Hello and welcome, you are in a good area, lots going on, check out Manchester branch meet times on the website and also don’t forget the Christmas party in 30th November. Hope to see you soon.

Hi Desmo and Martyn, thanks for coming back, my name is John and my very capable pillion is Gill, In a good area?, not so sure that Stoke is in the centre of any Ducati universe, however I already run back and forth to Sale for my regular conflabs with my friends at Ducati Manchester, I am currently a member of PEMC which are a national tour and meet club of about 250 members, very happy with the format but joined the DOC to see if there was some events to add to the calendar to get more miles and more like minded aquaintances, touring is my bag and don’t mind how far, but I need a reason to get the kit on and decide which point on the compass I head for, so help in finding some additional satnav coordinates where I can be greeted by other Ducati fanciers would be great. So bring it on! The Christmas party is something I will take a look at on the DOC site, Thanks for the heads up.

Hello John, if you like touring, how about starting the year by taking part in Horsham Piazza Italia next year? (April 18th, Good Friday) you’ll meet up with plenty of other Ducati - and Italian bike - owners. More details will soon be in ‘Desmo’, on the forum, website and the club’s facebook page!

Martyn i am having mega problems trying to post or reply, who do i contact to sort this out

i have been on different forums from the Fireblade to the Tuono forums and without doubt this is the hardest most problematic i have ever subscribed too

Hi Leslie, in terms of what ? Starting a topic, commenting, searching for something ?
This platform is the most up to date forum around, it is a bit different but that is the way they all will have to go.