First gear "clonk"

I’m a new owner of an '04 620… There is a loud “clonk” when I engage first from neural, as though the clutch is still engaged. Any help/advise welcome, please!

My 900’s always done it, sounds quite bad, not sure why they do it mine’s a dry clutch so there shouldn’t be and drag, just down to design I suppose.

My 620 also clonks into first. But I wouldn’t call it load! Just the way it is?!

if its bad, maybe the clutch just needs bleeding.
but they can be a bit clunky sometimes :smiley:

My monster does its first gear selection of the day like a Rottweiler trying to get out the door. After that initial clunk its not too bad for the rest of the day, just the normal mild clunk I have always expected

This can be caused by the clutch fluid absorbing moisture ( over time ,obviously only on hydraulic clutches).Try pumping the lever a dozen times before engaging first ,especially when starting from cold.Another item to check is the slave cylinder leaking.I’ve had it happen on several of my bikes.The seals perish and leak onto engine cases.Worth checking after being stood all winter.Won’t do any harm to change the fluid.