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Hi all
Just thought I would post a section empty :astonished:
Mines a 2011 Carbon Red- awsome !!!
I would like to know has anyone sourced a price for spare key/fob Ive got one black one and just the red one,surley two black fobs plus red would have been better :unamused: :unamused:
Just had Woods fit me a side plate holder,but had to ride home with standard size number plate-it looked awful, so hve fettled it down to around a 7 x 5- I think the standard plate size is dangerous on such a fitting so beware.
I know some members have put smaller plates under seat which again looks great but there have been problems with reduced seat wheel space re suspension etc.
Would be interesting to know your thoughts on number plate placement and size.
I know the likes of Evotech do tail tidies but the price is somewhat pricey
Timbo :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Wirral Branch

Smaller # plate Timbo that sounds almost illegal mate. :wink:
TBH down ‘ere in deepest Cornwall the local bobbies never give me any trouble about my bikes,(Out of the 5 bikes I own only 1 has a legal sized plate) they mostly know who I am and who to ask for advice if they’ve got trouble with their own bikes.
I think they’ve enough on their plates chasing or cleaning up after twats, to bother a harmless old git like me. :smiley:
A mate who lives a few miles away is a life long biker, he’s now a Sargent in the Traffic Div’ and he REALLY wants to buy my “Spare” 851/888.
These days he owns a BMW, but in the past he owned a fully RSC tricked out Honda RC30 (I knew him back before he joined the Force) and in his own words was a completely dangerous twat on it.
He wrote it and the car he hit with it off about 3 miles from where we both live.

Steve R

Bought a Diavel Dark a couple of months ago … first Ducati and first twin. Fantastic machine. Dealer said it was last that Ducati were releasing to the UK … no more Dark orders being taken by factory as not sure at time if doing the Dark in 2014.

Anyway … I looked at the side number plate and tbh I think it looks awful … HD imitation and riuns the rear end … aside from getting 100% more crap splattered all up your back in shite weather !!!

Oh … I’ve put some Evotech stuff on my bike … but only front and rear wheel bobbins and the engine crash bungs … which all look great on the black bike.
Waiting for 1st 650 mile service to be done so the revs can go up a bit more !!!.. but what a great engine. :smiley:

I’ve had my Diamond black Diavel for a year now. It was a Ducati UK bike with 25 miles on the clock and a real bargain with a roadster screen fitted already. I have lavished her with carbon bits, DP alarm and DP bits of bling, Ohlins shock, Andreani fork internals and a Remus can. I have to say that when I saw the Diavel when it was launched I thought Ducati had lost the plot even more than with the 749/999 bikes. Of course it was a grower and I came to lust after it! A wonderful bike all round and I would actually be surprised if I ever changed bike again. She has been to a Yamaha Custom Club rally in Denmark and won the Best Non Yamaha prize and she will be returning again this year with luck.

A plan for the future is to paint her up in yellow and black like the old 750 sport. I have sourced a front hugger, headlight cowl and tank cover for the project so far and am looking to snag a pillion cover as well. Then all I will need is the cash for a good paintshop to do the work!

I spent a weekend riding a Diavel on the Ducati Dream Tour and ever since have lusted after one.

I placed my order on Monday :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Cannot wait to collect it