first post!

Got a card from the postie yesterday to say he had my parcel from Oz but wanted £19.25 in VAT and charges to let me have it :frowning: So I duly paid him his money (including lots of 2p pieces :slight_smile: ) I opened the parcel up and there was my rear light / number plate bracket not looking too bad for 40 years stuck on the shelf. It was only primed so I was thinking on the way home shall I spray it or get it powder coated.

This morning I take it into the garage to compare to the old part only to discover the new bracket has two mounting holes for the rear frame tube where there should only be one :imp:

Am I allowed to say Bollocks in the forum?

Now, excuse me, Mr Jones, but we Laverda owners don’t need you Ducati lot inflating the price of our spares, thank you!

Yup I can bits from all over the world and the only time I ever get stiffed for duty is when I buy from the Aussies :frowning:
Sounds like you’ve got a later version Plate holder.

Craig a least when your Drama croaks it, you’ve got something handy nearby to get spares from :laughing:

Ha, ha! Nice one … I note which bike you reckon will fail first :wink:

(Already got the 3 igniter boxes off the Laverda - so that’s 2 plus a spare …)

Bloody hell Keith, I’ve just noticed my arse in your picture…
Bang goes my chance of joining the DSC!
I’ve always been very diplomatic when speaking about their club and you’ve gone and blown it for me. Thanks mate.


what? is that you? I just cannot believe it.

I’m speachless!!!?