first post!

Just wanted to be first post and test the picture posting!

that’s a damn fine 450scr lurking behind the ST there!

You’ll be pleased to know I’ve had the bike in bits over Xmas (engine in one piece out of the frame at the moment).

This is what’s on the menu:

  • Put the front wheel back to 19" from 18" as the rear shocks are 15mm over standard and I thought the two combined might make the bike’s steering a little too quick.
  • I’m in the process of building a new loom with new ignition switch and switch gear.
  • replacing all the fasteners with stainless.
  • new tyres
  • new chain and sprockets
  • new control cables
  • rebuild carb. I’ve put the carb through an ultrasonic bath and it has come out clean as a whistle (wasn’t bad to begin with)
  • I’m trying to locate a genuine Aprillia number plate holder to replace the cut n’ shut CEV job :slight_smile:
  • all new rubber wear
  • new side stand (and bash plate if I can find one)
  • sundry other stuff such as new air filter, magnetic dip stick, exhaust nut

Basically, the bike is having a total strip down and rebuild for this year’s MotoGiro so it’s having a fair old bit of money spent on it.

The long shocks were because of the 16 stone rider, after advice from Brian Silver and I seem to remember your not a midget yourself! :smiley:

Because of the long shocks it only just got on its center stand and I suspect fitting a 19" wheel will make this worse.

As far as the steering is concerned I found her a lovely stable gun platform with the 18" wheel, but obviously its up to you!

Either way the Scr is a joy to ride, all day without a single twinge of the old farmers, and I hope you will feel the same after the Giro!


PS I have a new tin number plate for it in the shed, and did’nt I give you the non cut n shut number plate bracket from my spares collection- if not I will have a hunt about!

PPS its an RT BTW not an ST! :open_mouth:

Agree that the extra length on the rear shocks wont do any harm - mind you I am dieting for the Giro. My theory is that its cheaper and easier than tuning the engine! Putting the front back to 19" is also an aesthetic thing as well I guess…

I have just sent an order off to Phil at Road and Race in Australia for a numberplate bracket :frowning: before reading your reply. However, I’ll certainly have the tin number plate off you as that was down on my list of things to get. I’ll send you my address by private message.

Its a funny thing but I’m really enjoying tinkering with the bike which is probably why I’m ‘fixing’ more than is strictly necessary. The ST2 I have a is a great bike but gives me very little pleasure to work on in comparison.

Paid a visit to Tony & Donna Brancato this morning to get some bits for the 450SCR and the Darmah. I took the 450 engine along with me as I was suspicious that the gearbox sprocket bearing was knackered and wanted a second opinion. Tony confirmed my suspicions. This is not all bad as I was in two minds as to whether to split the crankcases or not as part of my pre Giro strip and rebuild and now I have no choice. I also decided to leave the engine with Tony to strip and inspect it for me. This will obviously cost a fair bit of dosh but I always think you should never do things by half measures and I’m working to a strict deadline so haven’t got time to prevaricate.

Had my instrument housings come back from the platers today. Why am I such a sucker for shiny things :slight_smile:

The Scrambler’s a perfect bike to do the Giro on - comfy for all day riding, and an engine that’s big enough for the job but doesn’t make it so easy that you’re not working at it!
My 350 was one of quite a few others I saw on the 2006 Giro so I’m not alone in that opinion. Only thing that let mine down were crappy aftermarket shocks (going for some Hagons when I can afford them) and the pitiful front brake, which was down to pads that hadn’t bedded in due to a badly scored drum. Hopefully the TLS version I got from Marc Parfait will more than sort that!
Was hoping to do this years Giro but not looking likely at the moment - the bike’s developed an electrical gremlin and I’m not fit either!
Still, you never know…

Hi Bob,

hope the knee is healing okay :stuck_out_tongue:

I was tempted to go for the Marc Parfait TLS brake, but when I saw it at Stafford was a little disappointed with the look of it and wandered off to mull it over. Of course, when I went back to take another look it had gone (was that you who bought it?). I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on it once you’ve tried it out. I have just got hold of some EBC shoes for the 450 and will be comparing them to the Grimeca shoes before the Giro. The brake material looks very different on each set with the EBC shoes being a modern non-asbestos material.

I’m not sure whether the next bit of news means I’m lucky or not…
I took my engine into Tony Brancato on Saturday as I was suspicious of the gearbox sprocket bearing which Tony confirmed was on the way out. I decide to leave the engine with Tony for a strip and inspection to see if there was anything else amiss since the cases were going to have to come apart anyway. Tony called today to say that one of the crank bearings was shot to pieces and was about to let go big-time in the near future. There were a few other things needed fixing like a new set of rings, clutch plates and exhaust valve guide. As you can guess this will not be cheap but the alternative would have been not splitting the cases and having the bike expire for sure :cry:

Keef - if you read this, there are no hard feelings at all as there was no way of knowing about this without a full engine strip. just one of those things…

oh dear.

…and I changed the oil regular
…and when I bought it I was told the bearings were not long replaced!

oh bugger.


Um, so now is the time for me to join the Sporting club I guess. Unless their is a Coventry Branch of the DOC.


:laughing: Do you think they’d still have you after you showed them your bum in that picture??? :blush:

Ah you mean my picture entitled “a salute to the DSC”.

Nope, not my bum, however, I may have had the camera in my hand when it was taken!

“It aint cute”


In fairness to some of the DSC people they have a good sense of humour, as shortly after publishing the above picture they sent me an e mail about the picture with an application form attached!

I think one of them may have been the wrong type, hence the untimely demise. No need to go to Coventry, just send me that number plate and chuck in the mounting bracket and honour will be satisfied :wink: Like I said before, no hard feelings at all as you could not have known without splitting the crankcases yourself.

You might see me selling some stuff on eBay in the near future to help fund Tony B’s retirement fund which I was intending to do as one of my new year’s resolutions (sell stuff on Ebay that is, not contribute to Tony B’s retirement fund!)

:astonished: I’d better not see any Bosch igniter boxes on there Luigi :wink:

Best 30 quid you could spend!


the thought never entered my head :unamused: - so how much do you think they’d fetch?..

Oooh about £15-£25 each with a sneaky ebay Snipe.

Laverda and Guzzi also used exactly the same part so worth keeping an eye out for… as are a lot of Ducati electrics which are generic parts, and cheaper if the D word isn’t mentioned :unamused:

Just got back from a salty but sunny ride out to Tony Brancato this morning to take a look at the scrambler engine in bits. We definitely caught the engine just in time. Interestingly the only component that is borderline is the inlet valve guide. All other components are either shot to hell or in good condition - the latter being in the majority thankfully.

Not only was the sludge trap full of crap but so was the crank pin meaning that hardly any oil would have bee able to circulate through it. Apart from the crank bearing that failed and the gearbox sprocket bearing, all the others are fine although we’ll put in a complete new set anyway. The bush on the timing side of the crank needs replacing as it had pretty much being supporting that side of the crank where the bearing had failed. The exhaust valve was a very rattly fit in the valve guide so the guide will definitely be replaced.

At some stage in the head’s life it has been fitted with steel valve seats and there is a competition cam shaft instead of the softer standard one. There is little or no wear in any of the head components except the valve guides.

The piston is on the original bore size and although it is a little marked from the bearing debris is still acceptable. (22mm gudgeon pin rather than the later 20mm size)

I swear to god I changed the oil every 1K

I’ve been umming and urring as to weather it is worth stripping my Bev twin engine at 12.5 past its Tony B rebuild and bearing change to clean out the sludge trap. I thought to myself its had an oil change every thousand, I’ll just get the heads sorted and leave the bottom end.

Having read that, I think I may well change my mind.

Bugger, thats going to cost me a blinkin fortune…

Keef :open_mouth:

Makes you wonder if its worth condemning the 50 weight to the bin and using a good multigrade once its been rebuilt?

What was in the sludge trap was the grey remains of the bearing rather than the black combustion goo you find in oil that’s been around too long between oil changes. I was going to pop in and say Hi as Tony’s place is too far from yours but I was short on petrol and had forgotten my wallet so you were spared that joy. :slight_smile:

I’m advised by Tony that you should only clean out the crank sludge trap if you are dismantling the crank. To do otherwise is to risk dislodging muck that has been safely captured and send it off in the direction of the big end. Remember, your twin has a decent oil filter compared to a single. One of the things I’m investing in is one of Tony’s magnetic dip sticks…

Yup, I drive past Tonys place on my way to work every day. Reckon I’ll be popping in to see him next week as it happens!


get him to show you the engine. BTW I haven’t said anything about BS having done some work on the bike in the past as (A) Tony and BS are mates and (B) in fairness to BS I don’t know how far his involvement in the engine was.