First Registration of an old bike using form V355/5

Hello All,
I have an ex-race bike that I have restored back to a road bike. I believe it was supplied by Vic Camp in 1964 as a race bike & never registered.
I have had it MOT’d today using the frame number (as I did to register a harris some years back) & have the DOC age certificate, but the form seems much more complicated now, than when I last completed one.
My question therefore, is has any one registered an old bike using form V355/5 & what sections can I ignore?
It being over 50 years old wont have any type approval so can I ignore all of those sections for instance?
Anyone got a copy of a successfully completed form for a “historic” bike I can use as a guide perhaps?
If (when) I am successful getting a number plate I will post the form as a guide.
many thanks,
Mike Tompsett.

Hello All,
finally made my way through this maze & have had a V5 issued today!
I found a guide to the V355 form online at: … Guide.html
The only mistake I made was not getting a VOSA letter from HMRC.
I had assumed that as the bike was built before VAT was introduced, it was self evident no VAT was due.
I had my V355/5 returned, saying I had to have the VOSA letter stating that.
HMRC were actually very helpful, the chap I spoke to actually seemed interested in the bike & he emailed me the application form which isnt online.
Just waiting for a number plate to arrive & I will be happily blatting around the south of England very soon!

hello how did you obtain your age certificate ???