First ride other than work

On my diavel
Yesterday after fettling with the suspension settings I thought id go for a ride to see how it felt.
The ride was OK seems to feel OK but ended in sorrow as I picked up a puncture in the rear tyre, as luck would have it I was only about a mile and half away from home and managed to walk it home ,engine on, 1st gear, feather clutch up the final hill to my house . Boy I was knackered poor old heart going like the clappers. Now the search begins for a new rear tyre.
That’s not the way I would have liked to end a ride but hay ho $h!t happens
Right where’s me wallet :roll_eyes:

Pushed it back a mile & half! - & up Hil!
Well done!

Yeah but the engine was running and I had it in first gear and feathering the clutch. Hardest part was keeping it upright and in a straight line. Bloody knackered me out :hot_face:

My new tyre arrived today 16 days after the order was placed
Apparently stuck in customs for a few days
So wheel and tyre in the shop and hoping to fit to bike Saturday or Sunday :slightly_smiling_face: