First visit to the forum

This is my first visit to the forum,been meaning to join for ages,and have finally got round to it.
I’m a member of the Manchester branch,and am looking forward to some rideouts when the weather improves.

Next Manchester meeting is on Wednesday 30th Jan.
See you there.

AAAAReeeewt Aidie me owd mate, glad of you to join us after nearly a bleedin year, I still can’t remember who was selling that SP3

OOrreet Martyn,see you’ve still got the memory capacity of a seive mate !!!,Seen Paul’s 999 has finally appeared onthe website for sale.It’s rather a quick one,ask Sammy B.,put a smile on his face after a short ride on it !!!Somebody will get an absolute cracker,for an absolute snip.
Cheers , Adie851

Hi Roger,
Are you the same chap who went to Bologna with us last November ?


No, not me. I’ve not been to Italy yet.

I can be found racing a 250 single most weekends, except for in the winter when it’s rebuild time!