Fitting Termi's to 1098s

Well, I took the plunge and bought a set of slip on Termi’s for the bike from ebay, they get delivered Wednesday so i’ll be fitting them on Saturday morning me thinks!

I presume it’ll be easy having built up bikes before from just an engine…:slight_smile: ECU, air filter, brackets, bolts and cans all included.

I’ll search the web today for instructions though just in case.

I take it as I’ve got the ECU it’s a simple swap over and no Dyno time needed…?

Bring on the noise!!! :astonished:

Hmm, well having a quick look on the web today it seems the fitting of these is straight forward yet may have to:-

  1. Take it to a dealer to get the TPS sorted afterwards (whats the TPS?)
  2. Get the replacement ECU updated at dealers as well (depending on how old the one I’ve purchased is)

I think i’ll drop my mate Ducati Dave a call and bribe him with cups of tea to get his “watchful eye” to give me a hand, I’m not against taking it to a dealers/independent to do it yet prefer to do these things myself so I know how they work etc.

Any feedback, hints or tips welcome.

Cheers, Cornish

Throttle Position Sensor, I would check with Ducati to see what you need, don’t think it will need a dyno though

Hi Cornish, (are you from Kernow?)

To get the best out of any fuel injected bike it’s best to get each individual cylinder mapped on the dyno, by someone who know’s what they’re doing.
The ecu that comes with the slip on system will put the fueling in the ball park, but you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery than it being spot on.

The TPS should be set, the throttle bodies balanced and valve shims checked/corrected before mapping.

Steve R

Hi Steve, yes I’m a St Ives boy working up in the smoke now for 12 years yet still call Cornwall home and as such those Londoners call me Cornish and the nicknames stuck. Doesn’t work when I take them home and they shout an order at me when in the Pub as half of the Sloop turn around!

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to fit it and ride then book in with my local Ducati chap (Mike Dawson of 848 Challenge fame) for what you recommend me thinks!

Cheers. Cornish

Hi Cornish,

I did it the other way round nearly 18 years ago now, married a Cornish girl (now Ex Mrs) and have two little girls Lowenna 9 and Ysella 7 born in the county.
The locals call me either Cockney Steve, (despite me explaining that I’m an Eastender) Ducati Steve or Dennis the Menace and sometimes describe me as…
“Not bad for an Englishman”.
I’m sat 'ere listening to Radio Cornwall slowly working myself up to finishing the latest mod’s on my '92 851/916cc based bitza.
I’ve just fitted a lighter weight 5 spoke Marchesini rear wheel from a later Ducati and now have to shim/centre the rear caliper on the extremely lightweight MotoX disc, (more holes then disc) then set about making a smaller battery crate for very tiny new battery, a Ballistic EVO2 $$$'s that weighs 1kg but has 410 Cold Cranking Amps.

Steve R

Ah, you’re an Emmett… :astonished:, “Matter do ee” (does it really matter, as we say down in West Penwith) only kidding mate, we need as many people down there as possible, there’s beer to be drunk after all.

The project sounds a cracker, i’ll drop you a line next time I’m home and see if I can sneak a peak.

You battery sounds interesting, i’m going to look them up as like everyone says its the initial crank when starting that takes all the juice. I presume they’re not cheap at all!

I hope the Mottobatt i’ve just picked up today will solve the problem along with riding it more of course!

Emmett or Ant…
My understanding is that’s an insult to an outsider who comes down ‘ere and tries to change things, which I’m most defo’’ not.
I did however get fed up with winning the local pub quiz, inc’ kicking the arse of the local school teachers/heads of department,
when they asked how my mates and I (all hairy arsed bikers from “up the line”) could so convincingly beat them every week?
I answered…“We’m not from Kernow!”
I’m still convinced too this day that my ex only married me to deepen the gene pool. :wink:

That said it would be nice to meet up on your next visit to Gods own Country, I’m always up for a ride out with another Ducati, but I’ll warn you my old nail’s a lot quicker than people expect.
It’s lighter than a 748 with more power than a 999, but still looks like a 20 year old 851…Wolf in sheep’s clothing anyone?
Off to Lanson (Launceston) on the 13th of next month for a speed awareness course, like I didn’t know how fast I was going :unamused: —well in excess of 140 mph.
Lucky for me the bobby was a good egg, but I did burst out laughing when he said he was going to send me on the course.

Steve R

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: i nearly fell of my chair after reading the speeding offence quote Mr R… reminds me of my 1st experience of bikes, a GPZ1100, flip-flops, no shirt, shorts, no licence, no tax, no MOT or insurance, yet thats s story for another time me thinks.

Good luck with the Speed Awareness Course and remember…speed signs are the minimum (part from 30mph or less of course!)

Well, I thought it was time to update you on the Termi slip-on’s I treated myself to and had fitted by MD Racing in Walton-on-Thames.

1st off great job by Mike and his team at MD Racing, he always spends the time to explain fully what they will do and what you can expect afterwards. I love this as i’m usually doing everything myself on the bike, and as the 1098s is new to me I need to learn.

The sound is AMAZING :astonished: , I can honestly say that it was a great choice, power delivery is smoother, sounds amazing (i’ve said that already) and an increase in power slightly.

Recommend you all get them if you can, appreciate other brands appeal to people, yet I’m happy with the Termi’s on my bike and so is my bike I reckon!

Have a good festive period one and all, Cornish