Fleet Maneuver

Three Ducati MOT’s in one day. The Bevel broke down on the way home from the first MOT (broken wire under the tank) and the Multistrada developed a wiring fault with the indicators (loose connector under the fairing) and popped a fork seal on the way to the MOT (4650 miles, cheers then Ohlins!) But the newly serviced 600 Tricolore Monster gave me no trouble at all. Now to sell the 600 Monster to finance the paintwork on the sidecar and the 450RT…and the Ohlins forks rebuild!

I did 2 last Monday, Darmah first, then the Monster, even managed to get a Polish lads Honda 125 going in between, both sailed through.
Followed by a ride to Ironbridge with Tracy on the 2 for dinner (that’s lunch for you Southerners) weather was lovely :smiley:

Fantastic. Took the Multistrada to Reading today to pick up the Pretech calipers for the outfit, after all the the fork seal are only weeping a bit, er um, well they were. Left boot had oil on them and left disk too on my return to Didcot! So thats the Multistrada off the road pending fork repairs. All very well but priority no1 is the sidecar and I can’t do two at the same time (no space) Literally working day and night to get the outfit done, really bitten off a huge mouthfull having made the decision to machine/fabricate my own fixtures fittings and clamps - I have now found out why sidecar specialsts charge 15K to build an avarage rig!

I had a Squire ST2 fitted onto a Hinckley Trident a few years ago, 2005 I think, it cost me £1500+ as the had to fabricate a cradle due the the bikes lack of front downtubes.
I was sooo glad when the kids grew up enough to get rid of it!
After 12 years of riding the outfit I never got the hang of it!