floppy gear shifter

my multi 1200s has a floppy gear shifter , shifting down is the biggest problem. it happend today while riding shifting down from 6th to 5th it went into a flase neutral, i had to stop and move the gear shifter by hand to get a gear now the gear shifter hangs really low and is diffcult to reach when riding. any idears.

right i am fairly sure the return spring has gone on the gaer shifter, the alternator and fly wheel have to come off,
can any reconmend a ducati specialist in the northamptonshire area

Jeff Green at G-Tec is probably your nearest independent, website appears to be unresponsive at the moment. Mobile number from an old (2011) Desmo is 0784 1099 998

JHP - Ducati Coventry are also reasonably close.

I’m a bit further North so mine goes here cornerspeed.co.uk/ top bloke is Nelly.