Does anyone know which bevels were fited with short forks (590mm stanchions) and long ones (620mm Stanchions)?

I have a 750 Bevel Sport, but she is fitted with Ceriani’s off of an 860. I fitted these myself in by-gone times, as when I got the bike she had Triumph forks, would you belive, following a spill by the previus owner. the ones I have are long ones with 620mm Stanchions,

While on the subject, has anyone out there got a set of Marzochii stanchions and sliders to suit Lockheed calipers, that they would be willing to part with? ( I have the yokes)


trawled through a couple of ian falloons books unfortunately he only gives the lenght for the rear shocks.
the bikes seem to swap between Marzocchi forks with either Lockheed or Scarab brakes or Cerianis forks.
however, in one paragraph he mentionted shortly after Ceriani forks were introduced they were shortened to improve handling.
so going on that , i would say Ceriani were the long and the short of it, if you get my drift! :slight_smile:

Off the top of my head here, so I may not be completly correct.
Early round case 750’s had sliders with the front wheel spindle off set to the front/Leading axel forks,
I think these had longer stanchions than the latter forks fitted with sliders with a central spindle.
Latter 900SS AND MHR’s with Marzocchi forks, came with stanchions with different lengths, the longer ones being fitted to the MHR’s to increase the ground clearance, as the heavy full fairings would easily deck out.
Both of these had central axel sliders.
I do believe that the difference between the two was 15mm.
On my own old bevel I fitted the longer ones, for more ground clearance and a set of sliders intended for a 750SFC Laverda, these take the Lockheed calipers, but I had to remachine the wheel spindle hole on one of the legs, making them the same as the ones fitted to the last round case 750SS.


As it happens I’ve got the sliders off my 79 SS for a refresh job. The stanchions measure about 23" inc. the caps so that’s probably 580mm without.

Old Racing Spares shows 580 & 680mm lengths for 750gt/ Sports so guess 680’s were for the leading axel type??

The early 750 sports had leading axle Marzocchi forks with either Scarab or Lockheed rear mounted calipers.
The later ones came with centre axel either with Marzocchi with rear monted Scarab or Ceriani with front mounted Brembo.

All the fork variants had 4 mudguard mounting studs per side. Unlike the 750SS which only had 2.

There’s a guy in Holland who puts Ceriani forks on ebay all the time :

Might be worth checking out?

If you’re not too hung up on Lockheed/ AP it’s worth rembering that the Brembo calipers are easy to get hold of.

Andy/ARJ,Is correct that Brembo calipers are easily available, but if I recall correctly the P8’s that were fitted to the Sport and Supersport’s are no longer available and as rare as rocking horse Sh*t!
The ones you can find now are the bolt through the caliper type and not the slimed down threaded (through the leg) type ones.
The Lockheeds are now being made again and they’re far superior than the Brembo’s…
Not just in my opoinion, but in the opinion of almost anyone who’s used them.
It’s just finding the legs that suit them that’s the bugger!


Thanks guys for the tips and info. Keep it comming, in the mean time, I’ll keep looking for those sliders…

Phil R

Update on my forks. Had the stanchions re-chromed, and straightened. (never knew they were bent, but they did come from a breakers, off of an 860, so guess that had been ‘up t’ road’). Work done by a mate of mine, Charlie, fantastic job, very reasonable price, if any wants his contact details, let me know. New seals and wipers from Medina. Good clean up. Bought a bench grinder and polishing kit from machine mart, so now I have nice shiny sliders. (good fun this polishing, very therapeutic and quite satisfying, I’m hooked). All back together. Next job is to clean and paint the triple clamps.

Plan still to fit Lockheed callipers. Anyone know a source of conversion plates to convert Brembo type sliders to take Lockheed callipers?