we seem to be getting more onto forum now, 16 on at the same time Sept 08, lets keep directing people onto here, I do at every oppurtunity, it will then be a place that takes talked about when Up North disapears, it is shortly going over to the scottish Club. If we get ours available then there may not be one to replace it, another little step forward methinks.

Well said Martyn.
Maybe our ed can get a mention in Desmo next time round.

I’ve got the article from keef to go in Desmo about the forum. I looked at the Ducati up north / Scottish club forum today and it looks rubbish. Our forum is better. The email list is useful too, as I’ve found that one topic can be in 3 or 4 different places on the forum, and unaware of various replies on each one :unamused: and that doesn’t happen on the email list.

Best thing is click new posts since last visit, it just shows well, whats been added since you last visited, if it is on twice just read one of them.
E-mail is still useful but I had one tonight which was just a reply, did not get the question.

Ta Spaggy, this is good, but agan with the absolute arese posting on other sites this is better growing slowy and with the right people.

Already do that, Martyn, but there seems to be various threads where maybe one would be sufficient … :wink: