Frame number on 916

Hello everybody I Hope you are all well and keeping Safe in these strange times…I would like to know if anybody could help me identify a ducati 916. Its a 1996 model and im trying to confirm if its a sp3? The vin number is zdm916s1008052. Any information would be appreciated. Regards Richard.

Hi, is there no plaque on the headstock ? SP would have one.

Hi Martyn, yes there is a plaque on the top yoke but this bike has completely been to pieces at some point as its been painted in bostrom colours and has varoius bits that have been changed…ive been doing some research on the net and some people say ducati never officialy made an sp3? and likewise some say they did. Im doing a full recommission on this bike for a friend as its been sat for many years.Im interested to know as trying to give a realistic value for him. The plaque is not held on with the 2 rivets its bonded on.May be an email to Ducati would be the way to go.

Hhhmmm interesting, send me an e mail and I will forward it to Pete who does bike dating for the club, he has extensive information on frame and engine numbers this may just do the trick. Sounds a nice bike whatever it turns out to be.

Hi Martyn, The bike details are Ducati 916 1996 model.Frame number is ZDM916S1008052 and engine number is 008469. Its supposed to be an sp3,it dos have all the usual sp bits on it ie twin injectors per pot and ohlins on the rear ect…Hope Pete can shed some light on the model…cheers Richard

Pete is on it for you.

Thanks Martyn…seems plenty of 916 style machines out there posing as high spec and there not.see what pete comes back with.

Quite a few 916SP’s broke their C/cases so unless you know for sure that you have the OEM items? The engine number might not prove anything.
I know of one genuine 916SP that was fitted with later plain 916 cases and a well know dealer had the engine numbers removed and the stamped/machined with the original SP numbers.
I won’t say who did it though as I’m not to sure how legal this practice is?

It’s easy to spot genuine SP heads though without removing them, put a pic’ up of the heads and I’ll tell you if they’re the real deal.

…and not all 916SP’s came with a plaque on the top yoke.

Steve R

I need your e mail address please, I think Pete is doh g some digging but wants contact details, also read Mr Rs post and post up a picture.

Hi martyn,email is post a picture tommorow.

cheers will post a picture.

Just as a note if you’re doing a full re commission are you intending in dropping the engine out ?

Hi no im doing recommission not a restoration so engine is staying in frame.

Hi Steve here’s a picture of the rear cyclinder head.

Ok well while you’re at it dont forget to lube that swinging arm bolt.

They’re the real deal SP heads, well that one in the pic’ certainly is.

Steve R