Frame numbers nightmare

So despite detailed conversations with the powder coater before starting this is what I have ended up with.

Any clever ideas of how to get the numbers back to what they should be?

Or is there a formal process (with necessary evidence) to get them restamped??

Can I suggest that the numbers can be enhanced. First clean the area around the area and numbers.
Choose a thin paint in a colour that contrasts the background/substrate, perhaps yellow, silver, light blue, white. Dab the paint over the area filling the number stamping, and immediately wipe over the number stamping removing all excess paint but leaving the number stamp filled with the contrast colour. Hopefully the numerals will show more clearly.

Yes, difficult one, when the frame was changed on my Monster the new frame came without a number, the dealer just center punched my number onto it, so you could just re-stamp to enhance?


I am going to try paint stripper and a brass wire brush to fully remove all traces of paint from within the numbers with the aim of getting them to be as visible as possible in the hope that I can then just mask them off during painting and simply clear coat the numbers after.

If they still do not show well I may try the colour contrast idea (like black) to make them stand out more, but this may give the impression they have been tampered.

I have photos before and after but anything that looks wrong will always be an issue.

Ho Hum

On a positive note I have painted the subframe. Still needs clear coating but I think the colour is a good match (RS bike paint)

Looks good! :wink:

First coat gone onto frame.

I have masked off the number and will clear coat that separately once the main colour is done.