Frame strightening / jigging (250 single)

I am a lapsed and renewed DOCGB member.

I have a tatty 250cc Mk3 single in Desmo trim that I am tidying up. I have had it 10 years and ridden it. Restoration is too grand a title for the project because it will not be original.

Stripping down the bike reveals that the frame is bent from a frontal impact. Spine is bowed, downtube bowed, both pointing to the headstock being pushed back which will affect wheelbase and rake. The headstock is also twisted. The frame is repairable.

Question : Where is the best place to take Ducati singles for frame strightening / jigging? I am aware of Motoliner and Abba from the Old Bike Mart but both are a long trek for me. Any recommendations welcome irrespective of distance or location. I am in the NW. I do travel the country with work so Yorks, Notts, Derby are easy.


Hi Craig,

I suggest asking Nigel Lacey as he’s well experienced with the racing singles, so should know who’s the best to get a bent frame sorted.

Steve R

I know you’re aware of them, but Maidstone Motoliner really are very good. I hit a transit van so hard on my Pantah, it bent the front wheel in half on the front cylinder! They had a look, and pulled it straight for me. It actually rode better after, which led me to believe that quality control at the factory wasn’t great! Maybe post and see if we can get some form of DOC relay to get it to them?

Thanks all.

I took the frame to a small m/c shop in Ancoats, Manchester and they fixed it on their MotoLiner jig. I’ve got it back now and it looks true in all planes and all bowing of tubes had disapppeared. Good price too.

For future reference the place is called B&C Motorcycles, Oldham Road, Ancoats.
The owner is John but the guy who works the jig is called Steve.
They don’t advertise so if you know ayone who needs this service in the NW then please spread the word.