Frank Nolan

I hope I am not treading on Chris’s toes here by posting this before she is able to, but I think this news should be known to the many DOC members who know Frank and Chris. Frank was membership Sec for some 5 years from the 2007 AGM until quite recently, so will be familiar to many members.
I do not have full details, but understand that Frank and Chris were involved in an accident last Sunday (6th) on their way back from the lake district on his MultiStrada.
As a result, Chris suffered some internal injuries but is making good progress. Frank, however, suffered a broken back and severed spinal cord, which means he will not be able to walk again.
I will comment no further on the accident, as I am sure Chris will give more detail when she is able, but I would like to use this medium to wish them both well, and for Frank to make as good a recovery as can be expected given the nature of his injuries.
Needless to say, my thoughts will be with them both as they face a long and difficult time ahead.

Shocking news it’s hard to know what to say or do at this early stage, but to send my best wish’s/thoughts at this tough time to Frank and Chris.

Steve R

:open_mouth: shocking news to hear, all our thoughts go to Frank and Chris.
myself and Sarah wish them both all the very best.

Our thoughts are with you Frank and Chris x