From Bedfordshire

Hi there

My name’s Tim, & I’ve had my 900GTS from new (34 yrs in 6 days), but never been on any forum before.
I think she was one of the last ones in black & gold in the country when I bought her.
Just here to say Hello today, but I have a few questions I intend to ask at some point - hardly a surprise with a bike that old!
She’s waiting for some tlc to get her through another MoT, but at least/at last the weather’s picking up.

Ride safe

Hello Tim and nice one for keeping her that long.
I have had my bevel from new 34 years as has Southern Mr R.

What TLC you up to

wotcha, welcome aboard. :smiley:

[size=150]Welcome to the forum Tim. I hope to keep my Monster for that long, only another 23 years to go![/size]