Front brakes on st4s ?

Having just purchased my first Ducati ( ST4S) I have noticed some very slight pitting to the rotors , under hard braking the brakes although powerful are not smooth . Has anyone else experienced similar problems ? , rotors and pads are original Brembo , bike has covered 14,000 miles . Would changing to EBC pads be worth a try ? .

Thanks grahamsst4s

I have the same problem but mine has done nearly 40,000 miles. The bike has probably done some heavy breaking and the rotors might be slightly warped but this should not cause you problems. New pads might well help.

Hi Frank,
Thanks for that , on closer inspection and after a lot of thought I suspect the pads under hard braking are picking up on the areas of pitting that must have been caused by salt getting trapped between the discs and pads when the last owner used it during the winter. I suspect its a case of new discs or if I am really lucky I might get away with having the discs skimmed .

Regards Graham

Cheers, enjoy your riding, they are great bikes

There is very little tolerance for wear on the disks (only half a mm if I remember, look at the disk it is stamped on it) so you may find skimming will take you too far down. If you are changing pads I would warn against using EBC sintered pads since they are pretty aggressive on disks (had to replace mine on my ST2 after about 10k miles.