Front discs

My ST3 had brand new front discs fitted and had never been on the road before, yet in 2 months they have both become pitted. Ducati Preston tell me that this is caused by an electrolic reaction between the pads and the discs when road salt is trapped between them. It’s a common fault that happens to discs when bikes are ridden on winter roads. Now this took me completely by surprise. I was thinking that Ducati would replace them under warranty, but no, there is nothing wrong with the discs as being unfit for purpose, they said, it’s a combination of these special brake pads and road salt. On reflection, there maybe some truth in what they are telling me, as the pitting on one, is practically in the same position as on the other, suggesting that when the machine has been idle for a few days, this electrollis thing has been at work on the discs. So, I ask Forum members for their reaction and also suggest that wheels are washed down everytime they have ridden their bikes on our winter roads.
Dave Hughes