fuel additives, good or bad.

hi, having read the post on carb icing. some people say try using fuel additives. ive read in the owners manual and it dosnt recommend it. was wondering if anyone on here had used them?
thanks, rich.

one of those grey areas i’m afraid some say yes others no.i was looking through some old editions of Desmo and to be honest there are two failsafe ways, there is a mod which takes hot air from the cylinder and diverts it up the air intake , or change the carbs and run different filters, though thats not cheap !
i’ve owned three different dukes spanning 20 years between them, and all have had cold weather problems put it down to character, or pain in the ass whatever your take on it, i put it down to the fact they dont really have cold weather in Italy. jammy b*******s

I’ve never used additives, but then again I don’t normally ride my Ducati when there is ice on the road. The problem has never been too severe on my 1994 900, and over the years I have just put up with the occasional throttle stuck open, or stalling at junctions, and have just left myself a greater safety margin in conditions where I know that it may happen.

They do have cold weather in Italy fletch, I will tell you about a ride up the Stelvio pass on my 900 in rain and sleet next time I see you.


A friend had carb icing problems on his Hinckley Triumph Tripple, he tried Silkolene’s additive and now swears by it.
He’s a lifelong biker (He’s in his 50’s) who’s owned many bikes and does know what he’s talking about.
So if he says it’s good stuff, then it is IMHO.


thanks everyone. have managed to source a carb heater kit that runs warm oil from the cooler to the float bowls on the carbs :smiley: . just got to work out what pipe runs to what carb :unamused: , but wont fit it untill the bike goes to hibernate over winter. :wink:

I run with a dash of ethanol during winter - doesn’t cure icing but helps… as was shown by this week when I forgot to put any in, and ended up coasting along at, whoops, forgot about Timbo, better say 69.9mph (as I ride through his patch each day), with zero engine braking, and popping and banging at every set of lights…

I didn’t fit an oil based heater as other riders have told me that still only works for moderately cold mornings, but carbs still ice in sub zero (winter commuting!) conditions if you dare go over 60mph… I’m reliably informed that FCRs are the only real cure, so they’re going on for next winter …