Fuel issue

Not sure if its related to the other issue mentioned on here but my 2004 749 will not start if you use any choke or touch the throttle … Am sure it’s over fuelling … It has a ducati sports exhaust and standard engine set up as far as I am aware .
Any thoughts ???

I know the early ones stalled a bit, exhaust helped out a lot, I am sure someone more knowledgeable than me will pop along shortly.

My 999 from 2003 will not start if you use the fast idle, answer: I never use the fast idle.

My ST4s has never started if I use fast idle. It starts 1st time summer and winter as long as you do not use fast idle.



The 749 I now have starts no problem, crack the throttle in slightly a too high gear and it splutters a bit until it goes, different ecu and filters though, you can’t have it all