Fuel taps

These puppies, were the cause of an unplanned walk the other day. They really are a bit past it. Sugestions for replacements urgently wanted!

Note the male threads, the Pantah type taps will not fit!


You could try Barry at Classic Ducati or Howard at Disco Volant Moto.



e mails sent…

I had a aftermarket fuel tap like that which just would not seal, I’ve then had some off ebay, a universal type (£10 each) which again leaked.

Since then ive bought a pair of brass ones at £20 each and they have been perfect.

Ill find details where i got them later, Im never getting cheap taps again!

Hi Keith,
Having tried quite a few different fuel taps over the years, which were mostly crap!
I now tap out my tanks to 1/4 BSP and then fit chromed solid brass pre-unit Triumph taps, for the money they’re the best I’ve ever used.
I have them on my Bevel 900 and have some put aside for my single.

Steve R

PS Just for info purposes The Kwaka Triples club is staying at the Falcon Creast Hotel in Port Erin again this year, if you fancy poping over and trying to join their forum in person. :wink:

steve, same experiences as me then!

Ive used 1/4 bsp ones from surrey cycles, Mine were top quality, hense the price!


Which is interesting as the totaly naff original ones cost more than that.

…I’m getting twitchy, I think some Mild steel bar and the lathe might come in handy on this one! :astonished:

Heller Keith,
If you think £22 each is dear you should check out the price of Pringle fuel taps from the States.
Just make sure thar you’re sitting down when you do! :open_mouth:

Steve R

its all a big disaster here. I put a pot of Hydrualic fluid on a shelf in the garage overnight as I have been doing mods to the outfits brakes. Over night, the pot fell off the shelf landing on the RT tank and the top came off. I discovered the damage nearly 24 hours later and the tank is ruined.

Fuck it.

I no longer have ANY shelves in the garage. :blush:

Jeez Keith thats really unlucky, I guess on the bright side it wasnt anything heavy that could have done more serious damage!