FuelSensor issue

OK so I’ll start with a brief history of the problem. I bought an older ST3 back in November and the first chance I had to ride it was this Saturday.It was low on fuel when I bought it, the fuel guage worked and indicated a level, a bit Ducati guess but it worked. I filled it up with fuel and when I left the fuel station the low fuel light and engine management lights came on and the guage showerd zero fuel.The bike ran fine so when for my ride. Just had a chance to look into the problem and it seems there is an electrical connector, inside the tank, which is now below the fuel level and obviously will be shorting out. ( See pictures ).The lead appears to connect to the fuel filler cap at one end and I presume the fuel level sensor at the other end. But this cant be right ( can it ! ).

I have some pictures but cant work out how to add pictures ?

Any knowledge or help much appreciated.

Steve R

Not 100% sure about the ST range?
But the rest of the Desmoquatro’s like the 851,9*6’s, etc have the fuel level sensors mounted to the underside of the tanks, there’s a (prone to failure) plastic nut holding them in. Aftermarket alloy ones can be found/bought via the internet.
The hose that you can see connected to the fuel cap surround is a drain to stop water getting into the fuel from around the filler assembly.
The thing with most motorcycle fuel level sensors is that they tend to tell lies.
So I reset the trip meter (if there is one) and go by that for fuel stops.
Unless of course I’m riding one of my sports bikes, in which case I stop before my bum or knees begin to hurt, probably around 110 miles and then there’s always plenty of fuel left in the tank.

Steve R

Hi Mr_R
Thanks for the reply, I think I have solved it with help from the Ducati forum. You are correct that it is the fuel level sensor which seems to be knackered. I know the issue especially with the ST3, I had one before and it always told lies :slight_smile: My problem I think comes from the fact before I bought it the bike was not used for about 4 years so I think the sliding connectors are corroded. The other issue is the instrument panel is also a bit clapped out and you can’t reset the trip metre so I have to remember mileage from the ODO. I have a new instrument cluster on the way hoping that will fix the display issue but might need to get a new fuel level sensor as well. I rated the ST3 when i had my last one and bought this one for a bit of fun and something to tinker with, it hasn’t disappointed on that score.