G'day from London

Just a “Hello” from London!
This is the 4th Ducati I have owned in a 10 year period and I have to say its a bit of an animal…
Previous Ducati’s owned:
And now a 1098r
I was going to purchase a new Penigale s, but I saw my bike for sale (212 miles from new), I went and looked at it and could not walk away without buyin… Like a moth into the flame I was!!!
Anyway, hope to get out on a few track days and ride outs soon…
Please keep me informed of anythingbyou guys and girls may think I would be interested in.



Welcome! And that’s an impressive set of Ducatis that you have owned - and now the proud owner of!
Keep a look out for the Horsham Piazza Italia event next Easter, about 200 Italian bikes (mainly Ducatis!) take part in that

Cheers for that Desmo!
I have read some of your posts and am guessing that you run a magazine or something of that description??
If you would like to use my bike for a feature or as a buying guide you are more than welcome.
I was extremely lucky to find this bike, it was a finance repo from Singapore and was for sale at a classic car auction and bought by Oakfields (Ian Donnaldson)… For me it was a Father’s Day present to myself as I was feeling low at the time of purchase!! Although an impulse purchase a good one, so can’t complain.
I have always loved Ducati and have been lucky enough to experience ownership not only of these beasties, but many other two wheel velosopeeds!
Only the Ducati had been rewarding enough for me to keep coming back and upgrading every time…
The Desmo is next on the list, a good friend has one with delivery miles and full GP system & upgrades… But trying to get him to part with it is proving somewhat hard!

Thanks for the welcome


Fantastic bike, still the best sounding, in my opinion of course, I am sure Jilly will inform you all about the club magazine, the purchase of the 1098r in itself would make a good story, with pictures of course !! Oh and hello by the way.

Yes, it would be great to have something about your bike in ‘Desmo’, just email me editor@docgb.net with some words and pics. Look forward to hearing from you

Splendid! Leave it with me and I will get on the case…

Stand by!!

Thank you sir! I can get quite creative and passionate about these things!

I think there’s quite a few of us who are passionate about Ducati motorcycles :wink: