Getting an age-related number for an 851

Hi all
In 2004 I bought an M-registered 851 (ZDM851S000998) with full Ohlins (and ‘plate’ holes in the top yoke but no plate), that I believe was manufactured in 1989.
It was rebuilt by Louigi Moto with a 900SS engine, as it is understood to be an ex-BOTT racer, but I have no history.
As I have found a 1989 851 engine, I now wish to restore it to as close to its proper spec as practical and obtain an age-related registration for it.

I’ve contacted Ducati Italy and they have been spectacularly unhelpful, so I emailed ducarc on 24nov but have had no response.

regards to all lovers of old-iron
phil harris

Sorry to hear that you’ve not heard from Pete (ducarc), I’m sure he will reply …