Golden oppertunity for the DOC?

The chap who started and owns the Ducatisti website wants to give it up, possibly selling the website. Its a great forum and probably the biggest UK online focus for Ducati owners. Imagine the benefits to the DOC if they (we) owned it?

Just a thought.


Sounds like a good idea but Dan’s giving it up as it takes up too much of this time, as he has a new addition to his family.
…and it takes up a lot of his time and that of his moderators.

So who would run/maintain it?
Could the club afford to employ someone?
If it was opened up to advertising it could be a money spinner, but it would need to be managed.

Here’s a thought we could get the Teflon Furher to run it, he’s good at managing cash, :wink: or so it’s alledged.

Steve R

certainly a far more active forum than this one

mopst of the people turning up at the east mids meeting do so because they heard about it on the ducatisti website rather than the doc website

if the ducatisiti website does close down, the doc should take the initititve and actively promote its own website - the people on the ducatisti website will migrate to other sites

Yes it would be the time to drop the eliteism (if thats the way to spell it?) and have an open DOC forum for all…

…with a members only section of course! :smiley:

As Keith has said, Dan is calling it a day due to his new Son, I have posted the original post from Dan, & you will see that to sell is only part of the post.
If you are able to read all of the post with regards to this sad decision, the thing that sticks out is that most of the members would not be happy if a person that can not be named was to take in any way part of the take over.

Hi All,
With a great deal of sadness I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to have to close the site for a few months if not indefinitely.

An odd decision you may say when the site is more popular than ever with over 150,000 visitors last month. But with the entrance of a shiny new ‘Little Dan’ some weeks back, Ducatisti has become even more impossible for me to monitor. It’s not that it takes a lot of time to manage the PM’s, emails and do the forum housework, it’s simply that with work and an ever complicated personal life I’ve had to admit that I simply don’t have the time to manage the site at present.

I’m looking for a little advice about how you all ‘The Ducatisti’ would like me to handle this, so I’ll set up a poll:

  • Close the site to new posts until I have free time in the future.
  • Close the site and hide all forum content until I have free time in the future.
  • Sell Ducatisti to an interested party.
  • Other

So there you go, a short post just to explain what’s on my mind. I’m hoping to come to a decision very soon, so all and any input is appreciated as soon as possible - please feel free to PM me if you have any sensitive comments or questions.

Not sure what else to say, sorry people, but my personal life has eventually had to come before Ducatisti.


Its the biggest and most influential Ducati site in the UK. Its the sort of thing the biggest, best and original UK club should be doing. As to how much it is worth to the DOC against how much it would cost I don’t know, but I believe our leaders ought to at least do the sums. You could pretty much leave the forum as it is, just add a little advert at the bottom of the page, changing daily/weekly to show what extra you get for joining the club and everyones a winner.

What would be a disaster is if the TF got hold of it.

DOC has missed a trick or two here, regardless of what happens to the ducatisti website the DOC should look at what it does well and replicate it on the DOC website - whilst some sections need to be members only the rest should be open and easy to access for the world at large

Websites are huge marketing tools for clubs, the success of many of the rideouts organised on line by the ducatisti website and the frustrations of many people having difficulty accessing the DOC website clearly illustrates how to get it right and how to get it not quite right

The DOC GB CoM are talking to Dan to find out all the ‘ins and outs’, and whether viable to take on … so it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ :wink:

Excellent. If you don’t ask… :smiley:

On the upside Dan is well aware of the TF’s activities, so I can’t see it heading in that direction.

Steve R

Hurrah! :slight_smile:

Who or what is TF… have I missed something?

ducatisti should be up and running by Sunday …

not really its a reference to a person behind a certain one make italian bike club