good luck Steve

i met Steve at the classic Bol’Dor, i know he is going into hospital tomorrow to have his leg off, just want him to know that i ,and i’m sure all who know him wish him well.
good luck mate.

ive never met steve but wish him all the very best. good luck.

Yes same here Steve all best sure things will go ok see you soon if not sooner.

He will still be the same and we can then really take the P155 out of him, he had better make sure he does not fall asleep anywhere.

Good Luck Steve.

Forgive the ignorance, but which Steve is it? Obviously not Mr Rose (as he’s sent best wishes!) … and I have’t met that many Steve’s in the DOCGB (note to self - get to more meet ups) …

Anyhow, sure when he gets out he’ll end up with a witty monica -such as Heather :laughing:

I have assumed its Steve Smith from Harrogate. Nice chap rides an adapted Monster.

Steve let us know where you are please.