Gran Canyon

Does Cagiva era include all Cagivas? The dark side is calling in the shape of a Gran Canyon (with 900 monster engine)

… and would this be an new acquisition??? :slight_smile:

Picked it up yesterday…

Hi Graham,
I don’t, think I’ve ever seen one of those before, what does it look like from the other side?
Doe’s it have a 2-1 or twin silencers?
I quite like the look of the bike.

Steve R

Left hand side.

I had never heard of a Gran Canyon until I saw one that my friend Alistair Wager was servicing for a customer last year and I was immediately struck by how nicely it all seemed to hang together. When you consider the styling is by P.Terreblanche you wonder what he was thinking of with the Multistrada :unamused:

The engine is the same as a fuel injected 900 Monster. Nice styling touches are the double fillers for the twin petrol tanks either side of the air box. The black metal plate on the tail is a combined top box mount and grab rail but also acts as a heat sink for the rectifier attached to the underside. Ground clearance is no issue as I will have run out of bottle or tyres before anything would touch down. Saddle is as wide as any lardy ass could ask for, clutch light as a feather and the Nissin brakes work fine. The downside is getting any spares for it apart from engine spares as the UK backup was very poor.

Lets face it Graham Cagiva only ever bought in kit and assembled bikes, so unless you actually trash the bodywork/frame, you’ll be able to source any parts that you want…
All be it with a bit of detective work.
Nice find chap!

Steve R

They are nice. I’ve seen one with a moto X style sidecar attached believe it or not! :smiley: