Great TT news

Shame all the bikes racing at the TT seem to look the same…

But not on 2009…

This from IOM today website…

Good news 1

THE 30th anniversary of Mike Hailwood’s TT-winning comeback is being commemorated with a special limited-edition NCR Ducati replica – and it could be yours for a mere 100,000 Euros.
The bike, which was unveiled recently at the Milan Motorcycle Show, weighs in at only 136kg which is 41kg lighter than the Sport 1000 it is based on thanks to a titanium exhaust and frame.

Only 12 of the bikes are to be produced and there are plans to race one in the 2009 TT. The race bike will have a titanium frame weighing just 5kg and titanium exhaust. Wheels and bodywork will be carbon fibre and the 1120cc engine will produce 130bhp.

The road bikes will be numbered and each one sold will be delivered at the 2009 TT.

Good news 2

Norton to return to Isle of Man TT after 16 years

NORTON motorcycles will once again lap the TT circuit next year making a dramatic return after 16 years.
The Norton name, which was in American ownership for 15 years until October this year, has now been bought by midlands-based Stuart Garner, owner of Norton Racing Ltd.

Mr Garner is to build 200 NRV-588 racing bikes at his premises based at DoningADVERTISEMENTton Park and there are also plans to produce a road bike as well to be launched in spring 2009.

The bikes are being developed with frame builder Spondon and engineer and columnist Brian Creighton.

Mr Garner, Norton Motorcycles chief executive, said: ‘This is the first time since 1993 an official Norton team has raced at the TT. We have a fantastic racing pedigree with the brand established over 100 years ago and our aim is to emulate the success Norton race bikes achieved partiularly in the 1930s, 40s and 50s.’

Following in his father Robert’s tyre tracks, 21-year-old Michael Dunlop will ride the bike on its Senior Race debut on June 12.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity to make history with Norton’s return to one of the world’s most famous races, a real highlight of the racing calendar,’ he said.

'It means a lot to me as I will be following in my father’s bike tracks.

Not only that Keith, but I’ll be there again with Spaggy’s Port Erin crew, John Sandercock is also a confirmed team member, we both look forward to meeting up with the family Fothergill for the ‘craic’
and maybe a nice meal?
I can’t wait, this time I’ll be there on my even lighter 851/916cc special, I rode it last week and found it just a little frightening. :open_mouth:

Steve R Now a shadow of my former self, but still the real Steve R!