greetings all

Hi , got my 696 monster about 3 weeks ago, I’m loving the fact that it’s so much lighter than my tiger. Roll on some better weather, a day without strong winds would be nice. :slight_smile:

Hello, I hope weather is good for you to to ride it, where about are you ??

hi, I’m in Suffolk. Managed to take it to work one day last week. I’m a bit of a wuss, I have a perfectly good car with a roof for when the weathers yuk… :mrgreen:

[size=150]Welcome to the forum. Great Monster. Great fun on the A and B roads. [/size]

thank you, went for a ride to Southwold for fish and chips earlier, and only got mildly moist coming back . :mrgreen:

… and welcome from me! Enjoy your Monster, great bike

Bet the fish and chips were good though.

very good captain, washed down with a black coffee :mrgreen: