Happy New Year and all that sort of rubbish…,

Not an owner, unless and until I get enough money that is…

I’m hoping some of you may be able to give me some help & information about making the trip to Bologna at the end of May '13 to pay a visit to the Factory & Museum.

Any help with route, how long it’s likely to take me to get there and places to stay on the way and in Bologna would be appreciated.



Hello, no problem, we welcome enthusiasts as well as owners, where are you going from, how are you travelling and how long do you want it to take ??

Lots of routes and options

Hello marmaduke, welcome!
As Martyn says, it all depends on where you live, and how you want to travel to Bologna. I’ve travelled there by car, bike, and flown there. The visit to the Factory and Museum will be well worth the journey, no matter how you get there!

Travelling by m/c. From Bristol Via channel tunnel.

This will be part of a Journey to Puglia. I will be leaving on a Saturday morning with the intention of being in Puglia on the Wednesday (or maybe Thursday). The objective is to be there, not stop off for much in the way of sightseeing on the way down other than taking in the scenery on the way.

Previous rides have included Amsterdam (Via Tunnel) which I regard as a trip easily accomplished in a not particularly long or tiring day, Been there and back for a weekend as well. Also Annecy (France) which took 2 days.

I tend to use the Sat-Nav to find a last minute Motel in France (Formula1, Premier Classe or similar) can I use this method in Italy?