Finally got onto the forum via Firefox!

Just a quick hello to say that I’m looking forward to chatting on the web, and please see my first post for technical help.


Sorry, forgot to let you know who i am and what I’ve got!

Been a Ducati owner for 9 tempestuous years, living in Cardiff. I’m in love/hate with my 1980 900SS bevel, having done the lot to it - big ends, re-bore etc. Cannot ride it enough!

Currently in the process of a self-build loft conversion which is taking all of my time and energy. When this is done, the roads are my oyster!!


Hi Hugh,
Welcome aboard, glad to here the bevel is still OK.
I hope to catch up with you again one day.

Steve Robins

Hi Hugh,

nice to hear from you. Are you planning on attending the Merlin Rally? If so I’m sure that we can get acquainted over a beer (or two). Hopefully I’ll have my 1980 SSD Darmah back together by then. If not maybe the 1994 900 supersport.



Hi all
Big thanks to Chriss for being patient with me, i’m not the easiest person to get on with. Give me a bit more time and maybe i’ll get back to biking.
Regards to all Alex

Hi Chris,

Not sure at the moment - i depends on the loft conversion, and also the state of my neck - causing me a few problems at present. I may just turn up for the day and chat.